About Peony's Closet

My mother and I, both plus size and over 25, have always struggled to find good clothes to wear in shopping stores. While browsing, we would spot all the nice clothes for average-sized people and become excited to see what was in the plus-size section. However, when we got there, the clothes were not nearly as exciting as those in other sections. We tried plus-size clothing stores, but the clothing there was not only drab but also too expensive. $100 for a shirt? No way! So we decided to create our own clothing store - Peony's Closet. We are a black mother-and-daughter duo, and we sell clothing that is of the best quality, for the right price. We care about our customers as individuals and their individuality, as everyone wants to be different and yet in style. Our aim is to give our customers chic clothes that make them stand out, yet they're so in, and the best part is that they don't break the bank!